COVID-19 Operations, Notices and Decisions of Interest

Notice to the Community re: COVID-19 Operations – August 19, 2022

The Notice to Community dated April 4, 2022, the Notices to Community dated November 23, 2020 and March 15, 2021 and the Consolidated Notice to Community March 19 -– July 27, 2020 are revoked and replaced with this Notice.

As a result of current public health and government information, the Ontario Labour Relations Board continues to operate with revised procedures.

The following revisions to the Board’s procedures will be effective starting on September 6, 2022:

Delivery and filing of applications
  1. The Board’s front-line reception area is now open to the public. The Client Services Representatives remain available by phone: their numbers are listed on the Board’s website or they may be reached at the Board’s main number 416-326-7500
  2. Except with the consent of the responding party(ies), applications may no longer be delivered by email.
  3. Parties are no longer required to confirm that a responding party is operational. Form A-139 is eliminated.
  4. Applications/responses/interventions and other submissions and materials may now be filed through any means permitted by the Board’s Rules. Filing by way of facsimile transmission is no longer permitted by the Board’s Rules. The Board’s outgoing correspondence and decisions may continue to be issued via facsimile if this is a party’s preferred method.
    Electronic filing continues to be available for the filing of applications/responses/interventions and other submissions and materials and is strongly encouraged.
    • Applications and Responses are e-filed after the application form is completed and the user clicks “submit”.
    • Certification and termination applications/responses/interventions may continue to be electronically filed using Form A-108 (electronic submissions form).
    • The Board’s Form A-108 should not be used to file other forms, which can already be e-filed on their own.
  5. Applicants are no longer required (although they are strongly encouraged) to list a fax number or email address for the responding party/parties in their application form
  6. With respect to certification and termination applications, the Board will continue to accept electronic membership evidence where the authenticity of this evidence can be verified. (See, for example, the discussion in United Steel, 2019 CanLII 123094). During this time, the Board will also accept photocopies of membership evidence. Originals must be retained, and the Board may require the applicant to produce, at a later date, the originals of the membership evidence. Certificates may not be granted until the Board has the opportunity to request and review the original membership evidence.

  7. Hearings and Mediations

  8. Hearings and mediations will continue to proceed by video until further notice. Parties may write to the Board if they object to proceeding by video hearing. Any party objecting to proceeding with the hearing by video should advise whether the objection is on consent and should set out the basis for their objection.

  9. Votes

  10. All representation votes will be held electronically until further notice. This may cause delay in some cases. Please see the Board’s notice regarding electronic voting for detailed information.

  11. Grievance referrals

  12. Payment for hearings in grievance referrals must still be made online by credit card using Grievance Referral Hearing Payment Form A-85 which is now posted on the Board’s website
  13. Payments for grievance hearings must be completed before the commencement of the hearing. After submitting Form A-85, parties will receive a receipt for payment. Parties may be required to show the receipt to the Vice-Chair before the hearing commences.
  14. In the event that a grievance is resolved prior to the hearing and a hearing is no longer necessary, parties who have already made the payment may request a refund for the payment by submitting their request in a letter attached to the Electronic Submissions Form A-108.

  15. Updates and general information

  16. Check the notices on the Board’s website regularly, including with respect to the requirements for filing applications with the Board, because they may update and revise previous requirements.
  17. Please note that, given the current circumstances, the requirements set out in the Board’s notices on the website continue to supersede any instructions on the Board’s forms, Information Bulletins and Rules.
  18. The Board’s Forms can be accessed by clicking here. For information about e-filing, see Frequently Asked Questions and Filing Guide
  19. For information about how to obtain and serve a summons to witness, click here.
  20. For Information about the Board’s current process for filing an application under the Employment Standards Act, click here.
  21. For assistance with the Board’s revised operations, or with e-filing, please contact a Client Service Representative at one of the numbers listed on the website or the Board’s main number.

Client Service Representatives Contact information:

  • Normand R. - 416-268-1748
  • Rene B. - 437-771-1890
  • Marquita L. - 437-331-7548