The Ontario Labour Relations Board is an independent, adjudicative tribunal issuing decisions based upon the evidence presented and submissions made to it by the parties, and upon its interpretation and determination of the relevant legislation and jurisprudence. It plays a fundamental role in the labour relations regime in Ontario and encourages harmonious relations between employers, employees and trade unions by dealing with matters before it as expeditiously and as fairly as reasonably possible.


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Contacting The Board
505 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON
M5G 2P1

Phone: 416-326-7500
Toll-free: 1-877-339-3335
Hearing Impaired (TTY): 416-212-7036
OLRB Client Service Representatives can be reached directly including for assistance as follows:

Marquita - (437) 331-7548
Tanya - (437) 213-6305

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